These are the parties you don’t want to miss! A safe space to be whoever you want to be!

Great parties with a friendly vibe and inclusive atmosphere….and sexy crowd ? Always a great night, thanks for organising.

3SM events have quite literally changed my life. It has allowed me to grow as a person and explore a side of me that i never thought I’d explore. It’s also allowed me to meet like minded people in a comfortable social environment with the bonus of a great party! I’ve made great friends and will have great memories thanks to 3somes.

3SM events can give you the experience you would like – watch from the edges, dip a toe in, or go all the way. I can’t highly enough recommend these consent and respect aware events that made me comfortable to attend as a single, nervous newbie. Now I have so many friends I can let out my inner minx with!

3SM events are the best lifestyle parties in WA by far. There’s always a friendly crowd made up of new people and familiar faces who are up for a good time.

The 3SM events are the highlight of the month for me. They always have the right crowd, sexy entertainment and a great atmosphere. Highly Recommended.

Thanks for bringing the sexiest people together for the recent PJ Party! Great show, well organised with a friendly, sexy crew.

Always a terrific and fun night to be had with these events and the host is awesome!

Tip of the hat to you, the best swinging event I have ever attended. Keep them invites coming my way.

Had the privilege of attending several of the 3SM events and you couldn’t ask for better hosts. Always super friendly and accommodating, and boy, do they know how to throw a party! Will hopefully be attending many more in the future.

These guys sure know how to throw a party! One of the hottest crowds at any event we’ve been to at their last Pleasure Lounge event and a great atmosphere/vibe. We can’t wait for the next one!.

I attended a 3SM event last year and was very nervous being my first event however those nerves went out the window when I arrived. I found this event well thought out and I felt comfortable in this space. They always goes to so much work to host.

Since attending our first 3SM events in 2021, we’ve made it our mission to not miss one! Hubby and I have the sexiest, wildest fun! No detail is overlooked for a safe, social, fun, well-equipped, comfortable, well-themed event that consistently delivers on an amazing and inclusive crowd in a no-pressure environment. The only negative is that we’ve been so spoiled with 3someparties setting the standard, other events just don’t measure up! ???

3SM events are fantastic and get the balance just right between a sexually charged atmosphere and no peer pressure to do anything more than attendees are comfortable with. The crowd is friendly, and accepting and all participate in the dress-up theme. My girlfriend and I love to attend as a couple and have met some great friends as a result. I can’t recommend these events more highly

I love 3SM events and the community who are part of it. Of the various swingers events around Perth these are the ones I always make an effort to try and get to. They think about the atmosphere they are trying to create for each event and curate the guest list and set guests expectations to achieve that. Hedonism is encouraged and supported, but unsafe disrespectful behavior is not accepted and is dealt with appropriately. Thank you!

There is something for everyone! ? The community here are absolutely beautiful, supportive and open! Professionalism, respect, safety and courtesy is the bare minimal everytime an event is held ?Having a safe space to explore, learn and grow has been truely amazing! Grateful to and appreciative of all the effort and etiquette the team put in everytime ? Xx

3SM events are easily in the top tier organised events in the scene here in Perth. I’ve been attending the parties for around a year and have always found them to be a great balance between social atmosphere, sexual adventure and general all round fun vibes.

The ‘close knit’ nature of the core of the events makes them feel very comfortable. People of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and beliefs can come together with a common focus and goal which is to genuinely feel welcomed and express their personalities with freedom. They have done an incredible job at building the community. Each and every event is improved upon and better than the previous.

Highly recommend for anyone new or experienced to the scene